Private Investing

Oston Real Estate provides comprehensive advice, execution, asset management, and investment management services to clients engaged in buying, selling, investing in, financing or developing real estate and real estate-related assets. Our solutions are tailored to meet the objectives of private and institutional owners and investors, as well as corporate owners and occupiers.

Our experience in both commercial and residential real estate in Vilnius allow us to help clients make educated decisions based on market analysis and trends. It allows our clients to build profitable real estate portfolios that are both interest and liquidity based.

Regardless if you are looking to acquire an investment property for short, medium or long-term gain, we can identify the most suitable opportunities in the market, regardless of sector or investment amount.

Investment Funds

Real estate investing is based on power of information and financial capabilities of the investor. At Oston Real Estate, we provide platforms and solutions for investors to create investment funds in order to create more profitable ways of investing in Vilnius real estate.

We work with investors that are looking for top-tier solutions to help bring them into the real estate market. By joining our network of real estate investors our clients gain an edge over the competition and the possibility of earning higher return on investment in both long-term and short-term deals.

Fund transparency will be guaranteed for investors by allowing them to control all assets within the transaction and by favorable legislation within the Republic of Lithuania. Depending on the transaction, Oston Real Estate might be involved as an advisor or partner of the fund.