For Sellers

At Oston Real Estate we are your appraiser, marketing agent, sales agent, real estate attorney and negotiator. In order to achieve the highest price possible in the shortest amount of time we will provide the following:

• Source all available comparable current, past and future data and develop a sales strategy that will move your real estate.

• Make sure your real estate is presented in the best way possible. Research shows that professional property photos attract 138% more potential buyers, allow the property to sell 7% faster and 3% more expensive.

• Ensure maximum exposure of your real estate - we will invest in most effective advertising channels and collaborate with other real estate firms.

• Eliminate emotioal obstacles - emotional attachment to the time and money put in the real estate is natural, but can sometimes lead to a conflict of interest between the buyer and seller.

• Negotiate on your best interest - appropriate preparation for the negotiations and the practice accumulated over our professional career will guarantee better than average results.

For Buyers

At Oston Real Estate, we are all about delivering exceptional consumer experiences. Our real estate professionals will ensure that the purchase process is time saving and profitable for our clients.

We will provide information on latest market trends, reports, micro data and newly available properties as they become available so that you can make the absolute best and most educated decision for your investment or your future home. We analyze the prospects of the real estate in interest and make sure you secure properties at or below market price.

Our extensive referral network of real estate appraisers, closing attorneys, mortgage consultants, contractors, designers, movers and every possible vendor will be used for a smooth and successful transaction.

For Developers

Our team will provide market analysis and experience in order to assess the value and project the return on investment on clients' real estate in Vilnius. Our team will provide the following:

• Work with design and architect team in order to develop a product that appeals to buyers under current market conditions.

• Design branding, advertising and marketing campaign for strategic positioning and exposure in the marketplace and within the real estate firm network.

• Provide the most qualified sales and administrative staff to operate onsite or from a model sales office.

• Operate on a mutual gain business model by providing opportune data on sales and buyer interests in order to make best future business decisions.


Sellers are starting to realize the importance of appraising their property before beginning the sales process. At Oston Real Estate we provide the following:

• Property condition - we analyze the actual unbiased condition of your real estate.

• Previous transaction analysis - past sales data of similar real esate in your neighbourhood.

• Market analysis - performance of similar real estate in present-day market conditions.

• Competitor analysis - we analize how long similar real estate has stayed on the market and how is the sales process performing under current market conditions and gather information on existing deficiencies.

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